Suspending Elon Musk’s Twitter accounts of CNN, NYT and Washington Post journalists

Suspending Elon Musk’s Twitter accounts of CNN, NYT and Washington Post journalists

Twitter On Thursday it suspended the accounts of the various journalists covering it technological sourceWith no clear explanation.

CNN’s Donnie O’Sullivan accounts; The New York Times’ Ryan Mack and The Washington Post’s Drew Harwell were abruptly shut down. The same thing happened with novels by Matt Binder, Mashable, and freelance journalist Aaron Robar.

The following legend has been placed on suspense accounts: “Twitter suspends accounts that violate its rules“.

Many of the latest tweets come from the arrested reporters musk s Twitter.

Elon says he is a proponent of freedom of speech and bans journalists from exercising freedom of speech. “I think that calls into question their commitment,” Harwell told CNN.

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On Wednesday, Twitter suspended an account that used publicly available flight data to Follow Musk’s private jetdespite the platform’s new owner promising that it would keep it open due to principles of freedom of speech.

A few hours later, Musk reactivated the account after imposing a new condition on Twitter users: You no longer share your current location with anyone.

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But it didn’t take long for the account to be suspended again. Musk took this action after he tweeted that a “crazy stalker” had attacked a car carrying his son in Los Angeles.

He also warned that he may take legal action against Jack Sweeney, 20, the college student and programmer who started the flight-tracking account @elonjet, and against “organizations that have supported harm to my family.” It is not known what legal action he can take against Sweeney for the account posting public information about the flights.

Some of the accounts suspended on Thursday simply referred to Sweeney’s case or criticized the way he ran the social network.

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