AMLO, the visit of the US ambassador to Peru to President Boulwart is an “act of arrogance”

AMLO, the visit of the US ambassador to Peru to President Boulwart is an “act of arrogance”

The President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador considered a an act of arroganceUndiplomatic and disrespectful to the person US Ambassador to PeruAnd the Lisa Kennathey visited boss from the country of the Andes, Dina PolwartIn the midst of the political crisis that the nation is going through.

“They talk about democracy in the United States and freedom. Yesterday I was watching a visit by the ambassador of the United States to the Government Palace in Peru. Regardless of whether the ambassador can go anywhere, this does not seem to them an act of arrogance. He does not care about forms nor Act respectfully.”

At a press conference at the National Palace, the president asked his staff to find a photo of the meeting.

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“Let’s see if the portrait of the US ambassador is from yesterday, because one must also be careful, because if it is from yesterday, it makes me very hostile to diplomacy and disrespect for the independence of a country’s sovereignty, but it has always been said that form in politics is the essence.” .

President López Obrador noted that these are practices that originated from a long time ago and if they do not change, harmonious coexistence will not be achieved throughout the Americas.

Where is non-interference, self-determination of peoples, peaceful resolution of conflicts? This was probably not even known to Mr. (Anthony) Belinkin of the State Department and it is an embassy matter because they have always done it this way, especially in Latin America.”

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The photo is taken from last December 13 and was published by the Peruvian presidency on its Twitter account with the following message:

“USEMBASSYPERU Ambassador, Lisa Kina, was welcomed by President DinaErcilia Boluarte, who reiterated her country’s full support for Peruvian democratic institutions and for the constitutional government’s measures to stabilize the social situation.”

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