Lionel Messi is already sitting on the chair of Maradona and Pele

Lionel Messi is already sitting on the chair of Maradona and Pele

The curtain of hope opened. He practically closed it himself. It could not have been otherwise in Messi’s history if it were not for suffering, a suffering that has taken absilisti to the extreme, that is, even penalty kicks and being a world champion.

Qatar – It’s Fida. greatest wish. The culmination of a story full of success. that it Messi. It’s the best in the world. Today is no longer a discussion. It is reality.

Not because tonight Lionel raised the third world Cup for ArgentinaNo, because he did everything for a team that sometimes let go of his arms and lift him up.

The curtain of hope opened. He practically closed it himself. It could not be otherwise in history Messi If not with suffering, then with suffering, which brought the epsilistry to its extreme limits, that is, to punishments. It is true that an entire team won the title. Collective football. This football is for everyone, but when someone with the best footballing and human qualities takes them onto the field, we have the representation of the player born in Rosario.

Also, one can talk about such characters Draw Martinez. Without his leadership in goals, perhaps today the records in the world would not speak of Messi. He stopped one decisive penalty kick and the other let it pass, but he never diminished, like the same heavenly team that only had 10 minutes where it could not respond to the equalizer that France reached thanks to his personality. Kylian Mbappe.

“Come to Argentina, your mother’s shell. We are world champions,” he even called his own Messi before the award. Ecstasy with words because there was nothing more to say, while the silent French took refuge in their seats amid contagious sadness.

Talk of 120 minutes speaks of a match that made 88,966 people shake at Lusail Stadium, but that managed to take a toll on Kawkab because of the excitement that was released, first over the course of the 90 minutes and then over the remaining 30 minutes where suffering arrived. All possible limits, because Argentina could not liquidate its French rivals.

The game is summed up into two figures from which much was expected. Lionel Messi s Kylian Mbappe. They did not fail. The first because it was a partial 2-0 which made one think that the FIFA Cup would easily go to exhibitions in South America, but in the last ten minutes came the crossroads, the ghosts of Argentina who seem to have loved dramatic novels, where the satisfaction of a happy ending remains until the end .

in the eighties, Mbappe Gave dreams France A minute later, dreams came true with a tie that killed Argentina’s morale with everything, and Lionel Messi, who lost the ball to the French attack, crowned the Argentine striker. Paris Saint-Germain.

Extra time foreshadowed the worst. Argentina and France fell on the rise. However, once again, Lionel Messi froze Gaul when he parried a shot from Lautaro Martinez, making one believe once again that Argentina were winning, but Albicelesti’s account was exciting and again complicated when Mbappe scored Bimalte’s goal in the final minutes. that led them to define punishments.

There, Messi raised his captain’s hand again and executed the penalty kick perfectly, after the first goal achieved by Kylian. The hero’s suit was already worn out.

Draw Martinez He decided to stop the first French penalty kick taken by Koeman, after missing, once again Tchoameni blocked his shot wide of the goal and any chance for France to win the title. There is no more. The story of Messi’s redemption. History today gives him the opportunity to shout from the four winds that he is the best on the planet and possibly in history. Who has doubts… not my land.

Flea took his salvation and led to Argentina For the most expensive without Diego Armando MaradonaBut certainly with the blessing of the Argentine ’10’ who no longer exists, but whose chair is now occupied by the man born in Rosario: Lionel Messi.

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