Technology platform that transforms smart agricultural work

Technology platform that transforms smart agricultural work

The American multinational John Deere, the world leader in the manufacture of agricultural machinery, has made a technology platform available to its Chilean users for free through an operations centerphysical and virtual actions, It allows managing agricultural production processes remotely and in real time.

The purpose of the development is to enhance the 4.0 activity thanks to the intelligent management of the data collected by the brand teams in North America. name of the thing John Deere Operations Centerthe technological platform acts as an online management system, through which production information can be accessed, from any place and device, and contribute to more accurate decisions, disclosed by Salfa, official distributor of the brand in Chile.

Platform Technology, thanks to the information it displays, can help and provide information to achieve more Lower yields and costs and the ability to grow more acres in less time. In short, the ability to work furtherfromSmarter with improved communication, whose contribution to the business is to manage projects in a more solid way, ”explains Fernando González, Director of Digital Agriculture Products at Salfa.

The system can be managed from a computer or from mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets, thanks to the web application ( / And another mobile, call my operations From John Deere, available for iOS and Android.

technology platform gFree and without membership

The John Deere Operations Center allows you to store all information about your agricultural operation. They confirmed from Salva that “the platform has three main features: first, it is free and does not require paid membership of any kind, only by registering on the web using their email, the user can access the technology. Second, it is a completely safe tool, the product is the sole owner For the data it stores Its level of security is comparable to that of a bank application or website Third, it is global, producers of any size can have their own space in the virtual hard disk of the hub And organize their information thanks to the use of cloud storage technology, ”says the Salfa expert.

The outcome of each farming operation depends on a huge number of variables, such as weather, type of machinery, agricultural inputs and other factors, so the use of technology to manage the farm is a differential factor. In addition, it allows you to efficiently manage the fleet, create work plans, remotely monitor equipment performance, consumption, evaluate machine performance, predict possible failures and unscheduled downtime, and analyze indicators to make strategic decisions on time. and fig.

Through the operations center it is possible to observe the important indicators of the operation in a safe and easily accessible place “Thanks to the platform, the producer will have the possibility to keep track of all the work that is done in the field, what, how and when it happens, it will help you to make more accurate agricultural reports. With This information, for example, compare the progress of the campaign with other years and influence to achieve better results, thus, giving the company more profitability, ”concluded Gonzalez.

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