Televisa Deportes and its team of commentators, specialists and comedians for the Olympic Games


Olympic Games

A small team from Televisa Deportes is already in Tokyo to closely cover the Olympic Games.

Televisa Deportes promises great coverage of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games (Image: Facebook: tudnmex)


Televisa Deportes promises great coverage of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games (Image: Facebook: tudnmex)

The coronavirus pandemic will not allow that Olympic Games From Tokyo 2020 It takes place naturally and ceremoniously every four years, because in addition to the misfortunes that athletes will face, The media They will also have to overcome significant hurdles to be present and do full coverage; One of them is televised sportsThe inevitable giant in every sporting event.

Which is that despite the adversity, he will not be able to rely on his entire team in him Japan, television Chapultepec It already had a presence in the Land of the Rising Sun, just over two weeks before the show started, as the first batch of talent had already landed. like.

“Under the slogan #famuscontodo, an experienced team of communications, sports professionals and talent will bring the fans closer Mexican For all the relevant events of the most important sports fairs in the world. In addition to supporting our athletes in the sports competitions in which they participate.”, mentioned televised sports via a press release.

The team is led by Enrique Burac and Tonio de Valdes. Follow Favorite


As part of the team of commentators you will have televised sports for exhibition Olympic They are experienced Enrique Burak, Tonio de Valdes, Valeria Marin, Mimo Schutz, Maria Fernanda Alonso, Adriana Monsalve, Marc Crosas, Luis Alberto Martinez, Forby“.


As it is already a tradition, plus Commentators NS specialistsChapultepec TV always has a great team responsible for bringing the cultural aspect to the screens, as well as other important aspects of the country in which the sporting event takes place, and of course without neglecting the entertainment and comedy.

to me tokyo olympics, The TV station confirmed the journalists’ participation Daniel Dithorped and Paula Rojas, as well as other characters from the middle of the show like Bazooka, Mariana Echeverria, Eduardo Spainand Faisy, Ricardo Fastlicht, “Doña Lucha”, “Chino”, Raúl Araiza, Cecilia Galeano, Andrea Legarreta, Galilea Montijo, Odalys Ramirez and Cynthia Urias.

Who will be from Tokyo?

So far only a small group of televised sports The company landed in Tokyo, where, in addition to the technical staff, it consists of four talents of the company: Valeria Marin, Maver Alonso, Marc Crosas and Luis Alberto Martinez, “Al Furby”.

Televisa team from Tokyo. (@valmarin_r)

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