Temporary Protected Status – TPS for Colombians in the US: What is | Finance | Economie

Temporary Protected Status – TPS for Colombians in the US: What is |  Finance |  Economie

Several leaders of the Colombian community in the United States sent a letter to the President of Colombia, Evan Duke He asks him to ask his American counterpart, Joe Biden, legal protection forThousands of unregistered Colombians“they can”strengthen – strengthen” The Economie from both countries.

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Currently we are more than two million Colombians residing in the United States and actively contributing in countless areas such as business (…), however, a significant proportion of our population (…) in the United States is undocumentedThe letter says the Miami historian.

In the letter, Duque was asked to suggest that the US government grant undocumented Colombians a Temporary Protected Mode (TPS) that allows them to operate legally.

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The primary goal of our petition is that thousands of undocumented Colombians can make a contribution not only to their families, but also to the economy of the United States.‘, reads the document.

The letter says that, as an alternative to TPS, Biden could be asked to a The benefit of immigration Known as Deferred Forced Departure (DED), or Deferred Mandatory Departure, recipients are not subject to removal from the United States for a specified period of time.

Both “MechanismsThe letter notes that it “was contemplated within the executive powers of the President of the United States.

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The document was signed, among other things, by Alfred Santamaría, leader of the Colombian group in Miami, and Juan David Vélez, representative of the Chamber of Colombians Abroad.

More than 200,000 Colombians do not even have the possibility to obtain a work permit, which is necessary so that our citizens have the option to come forward and contribute to the American economy.‘,” he points to the letter sent to the Duke.

Many of these Colombians have been in the dark for decadesWithout hope of legal status, Add.

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The signatories do not hesitate to mentionRecognition by the international community“For the establishment of the Government of Colombia for the Temporary Protection Status for Venezuelan Migrants, announced in February 2021.

Dear President Duque, This commendable act of UN leadership has been hailed by the United Nations as a humanitarian act of solidarity with the Venezuelan people.‘,” reads the text, which was also signed by immigration attorney Louis Victoria.

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Victoria told the agency EFE This, at this time, There are about 300,000 unregistered Colombians in the United States, Ie 100,000 more than that given in the letter.


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