The blackout will subtract 0.3 percentage point from GDP in 2021: Banorte

The blackout will subtract 0.3 percentage point from GDP in 2021: Banorte

The Panoretti Financial Group estimated that blackouts were recorded in different regions of Mexico due to shortage of natural gas due to the cold in the United States. Subtract at least 0.3 percentage points from GDP growth by 2021.

“Banxico estimates that the last time there was a shortage of gas and a blackout They subtracted 0.3 points in growth in 2003, Now we’re seeing the Kia plant in Monterey make stops and so forth., We’ll talk about 4.1% we’ll grow 3.8%Announced Delia Paredes, Executive Director of Economic Studies at Banorte.

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Likewise, he announced it Foreign investment is the key to economic recovery at the 2016 and 2017 levels.

On the other hand, in the six-year period, there were obstacles such as a shortage of gasoline due to the anti-hatchicole strategy, and now gas due to cold temperatures in the US.

Business confidence has declined in eight years, and foreign investment has declined as well, for the first time Mexico does not appear in the Business Climate Index as one of the 25 most attractive countries for foreign investmentParedes repeat.

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Likewise he added that The security challenges do not add to the favorable investment climate in the country.

On the other hand, he made it clear that to lose an investment score, there would have to be a negative evaluation by two rating agencies.

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