The bride stood on her wedding day. Decide to continue with the party

The bride stood on her wedding day.  Decide to continue with the party

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What could have been a bad day for him Kylie Stead, A 27-year-old woman living in the UK, has become a A very unusual party.

It turns out that on their wedding day planted by a friend, But she didn’t want to “ditch” her investment and decided to continue the party with her family and friends. After his case was announced on Instagram, this case went viral.

On September 19, Kylie posted on the social network: “Weird as it sounds, I didn’t want to post anything here because Instagram contains all the photos and memories I shared while preparing for my wedding day”.

“Unfortunately, Things didn’t go according to plan and I ended up without my partner on our wedding day, “But luckily I wasn’t alone,” she said. “I was surrounded by amazing family and friends, who stayed by my side all day and picked me up when I fell (no pun intended, I actually fell).”

Kylie then thanked the photographer she hired for the special date, Neil Jones, for suggesting she “keep on making sure the hard work is not in vain, and for taking these beautiful photos on such a rare occasion.”

“What I took away from this experience is that In the darkest moments, there are those who really love you, Fortunately I have plenty on my side.”

In another post, the young woman wrote, “Although the day did not go as planned, I couldn’t let the hard work I had done and a good party go to waste. The day was filled with laughter and many tears“.

When they asked me what song I wanted to hear, there was no other choice than to anthem Lizzo: good as hell. This song got me all day and reminded me that “if he doesn’t love you anymore, just walk your pretty ass out the door”. I’ve never had a lyrical echo like that song.”


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