Submitting a proposal in the US Senate to grant a green card to illegal immigrants who have resided in the country for 7 years or more | News from Mexico

United State U.S. congress It recently launched a new proposal that aims to benefit the millions of immigrants residing in the northern country. With this, they intend to grant residency to those who hold it At least 7 years of living in the country.

According to estimates, 8 million undocumented people receive green card yes the Registration Law (Dating back to 1929) Updated. At the moment, the term is too long, and only adapts to those who have been in the nation At least 50 years old.

This proposed registry bill means something revolutionary, because it will amend the existing rules for applying for a green card. The difference between the two laws would be bad, as well as between them positive effects They will be very old, as the gate mentions Cuban Guide.

In addition, undocumented immigrants will be allowed to apply for a green card and later CitizenshipWhich means a radical shift in the aspect of internal migration.

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Innovative and comprehensive proposal

Preventing Congress from updating the recording date is another aspect to follow.”Renewal of the Immigration Provisions of the Immigration Act 1929”.

But most importantly: what to do if you belong to potential beneficiaries? Basically, it is necessary to prove that those who have been residing in the US have been at least 7 years old.

The new rule will come into effect 60 days after President Joe Biden signed it, as mentioned by the Democrats, who are the engines of change. Of course, before we get to that, the House of Representatives and Senate They must give their consent.

Registration law so far

Currently, the Registration Act provides a maximum stay for an immigrant in the United States to apply for their Green Card January 1, 1972.

According to the media, the plan that provided for its amendment will not require a change in the deadline. A certain period of years will be specified for proof by non-nationals.

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