The car saleswoman has gone viral due to her TikTok promotions

The car saleswoman has gone viral due to her TikTok promotions
  • It is estimated that by 2024, the number of active monthly users of TikTok will be more than five million.

  • A lot of TikTok users in the world are located in the Asia Pacific and North American regions.

  • In 2021, TikTok was charged $1.4 million to run a homepage ad campaign.

The brand applies endless strategies to increase its sales, but it’s clearly not the only one, as this Venezuelan saleswoman clearly demonstrates.

A car saleswoman started using her social networks to run promotions and increase her salesseems to have worked for the beautiful Venezuelan, becoming a trend in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as well as making the Fiat dealership of the brand she works for, one of the most visited thanks to her prom dances.

In the videos, the saleswoman dances alongside cars, sometimes she wears an outfit consisting of a white polo shirt and beige pants or a polo shirt and a white skirt, and sometimes she wears casual clothes. This seller named Clara Cecilia moved to Argentina looking for better opportunities, however Thanks to her excellent strategy, she becomes Fiat’s star sales representative. in that country.

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An endless number of brands choose to use social networks to publicize a product launch or simply promote their brand. until, More than 70 percent of social media users use different platforms for brand recognitionThis is according to a report from ward shoutedwhich also estimates that the use of social networks to continue promoting various brands will increase by 37 percent in the next two years, thanks to the high impact they achieve.

Since the birth of social networks, various platforms have become an essential part of marketing strategies. marketingThis is thanks to the proximity to customers, which made the brand become more human when entering into a common environment where The customer/brand barrier is broken through direct communicationand even the increase in brand conversations is increasing sharply, especially when there is a scale influencers Participation or a good shopping experience on the part of the consumer.

Which is what many brands see today Use influencers As an effective way to reach your target audience. According to a study by SocialPubli, most brands believe that influencer marketing It is the digital tool that achieves the best return on investment, by increasing brand awareness, by generating Engagement, by reaching new target audiences, and contributing to brand reputation. while The way you characterize it They measured the effectiveness of these strategies by engagement, views, and traffic on their website.

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