The legendary sci-fi saga remains in the hands of the director of “Don’t Breathe”

The legendary sci-fi saga remains in the hands of the director of “Don’t Breathe”

The “alien” universe still has a lot to offer. TV preview was made some time ago Noah Holly (“Fargo”), which doesn’t sound very fun Ridley ScottAnd now it has been confirmed that we will have a new movie from the legendary sci-fi saga. Will be the responsible person to bring it to a good port Faith AlvarezHead of “Do not breathe”.

old idea

The most curious thing about it is that the movie Not part of a new ideaWell, Alvarez, a huge fan of the franchise, made him an offer to Ridley Scott a few years ago. The concept stuck with the director of The Last Duel and at the end of 2021 contacted Alvarez to discover he was still interested. Obviously yes.

This is indeed a guarantee that the project will not end up weakening, which is exactly what happened with ‘Alien 4’ he was preparing for. Neil Blomkamp. The bad news is that nothing is known about its plot, but it will be a separate story from the rest. What is more, Steve Asplethe president of the twentieth century, asserted that “Really good story with a bunch of characters we’ve never seen before“.

In addition, everything points to a film with a limited budget and a certain margin of freedom for Alvarez to be more faithful to the roots of the genre, because the idea is that It premieres live on the Hulu . streaming platform, which aims to release 10 original films from the 20th century. As happened recently with the movie “In the storm”, we will most likely see it in Spain via Disney+.

via | The Hollywood Reporter

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