Honoring three women of science

Honoring three women of science

Making science and technology professionals visible This is what the campaign is looking for delegation for him Eight in the evening is International Women’s Day. For this reason, the Fural Foundation has Honor today in Artium Museum to Charo Risano, First Principal of the Vitoria School of Engineering; Asson Igornand industrial engineer and director of Bodegas Eguren and Christina Ortega, Flight Engineer, Aerospace Director at AVS. All three received the award Laya Delivered by ALFA’s Attorney General, Ramiro Gonzalez.

Asks Egorn in his speech about the future “Don’t forget where we came from and what hardships we women went through.appeals after recalling the family’s beginnings to a winery that today employs more than 40% of female workers.

For Charo Resano, “Perhaps what needs to be changed are the standards by which we educate children, Since we are missing out on a lot of female talent,” she says. For her part, Cristina Ortega, who wanted to become an astronaut when she was young, is highlighting”The importance of highlighting women who do not perform traditional tasks because they inspire others.”

“Together we were, we are and we will be stronger”

Under the slogan We have been together and we will be stronger / Indartsuagoak izan ginen, gara eta izango gara, work for Focus on sorority that takes place in Business job , is called, In the relationship of solidarity between women To build networks around common interests.

Against roles and stereotypes

The introduction was carried out by Cristina Abenañez, expert in Energy and the environment Who in a nice conference blamed Roles and Stereotypes In this society of inequality faced by women. “You have to go against them.”, communicate. He also blamed Business.

What can we do next?he wonders. “Encouraging girls to dare to do things out of the ordinary”, Advise.

She remembered herself Obstacles He had to beat him in Professional life. The first of them at COU When he found out that he wanted to study engineering in Bilbao, his physics teacher told him in front of his parents “And you did not think of anything easier”; Instead of a wince, Christina thought: “You will find out.”

“For this job, I don’t trust a girl”

The second blow occurred in the fourth year of the profession when the mineralogy professor did not stop repeating to her and her classmate, the only two students in the class, that Metal was a man’s thing. And then, she was already at work, she had to put up with how there were truckers who didn’t want her to weld parts to her car because she was a woman, and even how they told her in a job interview: “It’s just that I don’t trust a girl for this job.”

Concerned about treviñesas

After confirming that they all have overcome similar obstacles in their career path and yet lost open the way So that New generations of women Young people have access to science and technology, Ramiro Gonzalez emphasized “we are the most industrialized area in the state, 33% of the GDP comes from this sector, and the largest source, almost 60% of what is produced here is exports. This is our present, but we want it That it continues to be our future. Science and technology have a lot to do with building that future.” Today, only 7% of women under the age of 15 consider an artistic profession.

At the gates of 8-M, the verb had a special memory for Ukrainian women And to get Trevinas. “I Worried For what might happen in Trebiño because of It is possible that the far right will rule them soon I am concerned about what might affect equality between men and women,” Ramiro Gonzalez stated, referring to the possible government between the CHP and Fox in Castilla.

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