The Mexican Olympiad in Informatics closes the knowledge gap in the country


These types of competencies “give a different view of what science is, and they give a vision that makes you love these disciplines,” says Cynthia, who shares Alexis, who agrees with that description and adds, “These competencies allow a change of approach to education. Applying knowledge to solve problems; they replicate real life.”

Although entering these types of competitions can be complicated, family support is essential. In Cynthia’s case, her parents taught her to solve situations based on mathematical logical reasoning from a young age and participating in the Olympics was an almost natural step, as she also wanted to show the world what she could do.

However, when she took her first auditions, Cynthia realized that it wasn’t just a place to compete, but also to find a place to share her tastes, meet people and realize that she’s not the only one she likes. Activities that improve your self-confidence.

Regarding this, Andrea Santillana, who is also part of and participated in the IMO committee in 2007, says they meet lifelong friends at these types of events, who also act as liaisons to create a support network in the world of work.

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