In culture and science, nothing is worth reporting, according to AMLO


President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador No mention was made of issues related to Science and the civilization During his message to the nation in the context of the third year of his electoral victory. did he refer to “Right-wing intellectualsAs part of the mass of opponents of his government, turning from journalists to businessmen.

Indeed, it is not surprising that these issues were not part of his discourse. The president explained that the “scholars” are not part of the bloc of sympathizers with him, and demanded them to complain, and stressed that “not everyone knows”, and accused them of carrying out “political tourism”. In addition, he said, several times, that education, science and technology are a priority of his government, so for the first president, there is nothing to add or highlight. Didn’t even remember CONASET As part of emergency health care.

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And in culture … last September, during his report, López Obrador did not mention Minister of Culture Not once, but he said heritage rebuilding was ongoing and noted the Lake Texcoco Ecological Park and Los Pinos Cultural Center. Thus, the most important for the president was to talk about the Economic Culture Fund.

Alejandra Frausto on her arrival at the National Palace by AMLO Report, three years after she won the presidential election. Photo: Diego Simon Sanchez/El Universal

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In the report of the second year of electoral victory, Los Pinos is mentioned only once more. Moreover, in his first report, in September 2019, he spoke again only about the Economic Culture Fund and Los Pinos. Could it be for the third report in two months from now culture – that’s according to this Quartet government الحكومة Never again, but not just an accessory – would it have a proper place in Lopez Obrador’s deeds?

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