The rules they must adhere to in their first “face to face” – El Financiero

The rules they must adhere to in their first “face to face” – El Financiero

The campaigns of US President Joe Biden and presumptive Republican presidential nominee and former Governor Donald Trump have accepted rules String format CNN for him The first face-to-face television broadcast Before the presidential elections next November, which includes muting the microphones with no interference and no prior explanations.

The election debate will take place Next June 27 In Atlanta, it will be presented by the aforementioned network journalists Jake Tapper and Dana Bash.

discussion 90 minutes It will include two trading periods, as detailed on Saturday CNNCampaign staff will not be able to interact with your candidate during that period.

The two candidates also agreed to appear on identical platforms, on which their positions will be determined by the toss of a coin.

Among the accepted standards in the Biden and Trump campaigns is that the microphones will be turned off throughout the debate except for the candidate whose turn it is to speak.

The attached contestants will also not be allowed on stage. There are no pre-written notesAlthough they will receive a pen, notebook and water bottle.

The network said, as in the past, moderators “will use all tools at their disposal to dictate time and ensure a civil discussion.”

To meet requirements CNN For the debate, candidates must be eligible to serve as president under the Constitution and have filed a formal declaration of their candidacy with the Federal Election Commission, something which minority candidates Robert F. Kennedy Jr. also accomplished. Cornel West And Jill Stein.

All participants must appear on enough state ballots to meet the minimum 270 electoral votes To win and receive the presidency Support of at least 15 percent in four national pollsWhich means that only Biden and Trump can participate, and that Kennedy, the third most popular presidential candidate, is not committed to it at the moment.

Last April, the five largest television networks in the United States prepared a joint letter asking Biden and Trump to participate in televised debates, amid speculation that this election year they would not reach an agreement to hold this traditional face-to-face debate. For decades it has been organized by the Commission on Presidential Debates rather than directly by the networks, as happened this year.

Holding a presidential debate in June, before the parties' caucuses, which make nominations official, is not common, but this primary campaign has set the stage for Trump and Biden since the spring.

ABC He will arrange The second and final presidential debate is in September. Televised presidential debates have been part of American tradition every election cycle since 1976.

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