The shooting in Chesapeake, Virginia, leaves many victims, police said

The shooting in Chesapeake, Virginia, leaves many victims, police said

(CNN) – Police in Chesapeake, Virginia, responded Tuesday night to a shooting at a Walmart that left several dead and injured, Chesapeake Police media agent Leo Kosinski told CNN.

The agents went to the store around 10:12 p.m., and found evidence of a shooting inside, Kosinski told CNN.

Kosinski said agents entered the store and discovered several dead and wounded people. He added that the police have not yet been able to confirm the exact number of dead, but they believe it is “less than ten.”

Kosinski said he believes the shooter was among the dead, noting that he does not believe any of the officers opened fire during the response.

The agents are still searching the store for more potential victims.

Chesapeake City officials asked people to stay away from the store while they investigate. “Our first responders are well trained and prepared to respond; please give them space to do so.” tweet.

Gweta Jeffrey told CNN that her mother, Betsy Amphlett, sent her text messages from inside the store during the shooting, alerting her that someone had opened fire.

“I’m crying and shaking,” Jeffrey told CNN. “I just talked to her about buying a turkey for Thanksgiving, and then this text came up.”

Jeffrey said his mother was unharmed but in shock and they are already reunited.

CNN’s Joe Sutton, Amanda Jackson and Andy Rose contributed to this report.

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