The Mexican National Team: All scenarios for the Mexican national team to qualify for the round of 16

TheFor the attention of all lovers Mexican team is if the team will be able to go to the round of 16, After, after Draw 0-0 with Poland and the A surprising victory for Saudi Arabia over Argentina. El Tri’s next competitor.

here they are All the scenarios that Tata Martino will need for him and his students to progress to the next instance of Qatar World Cup 2022.

What will happen if Mexico beat Argentina?

1. If Mexico beat Argentina and Poland beat Saudi Arabia. El Tri guarantees his place with a draw or even a loss with the Arab national team (if Argentina beat Poland). You can be disqualified if: They lose to Arabia, and Poland do not lose to Argentina.

two. If they defeat Argentina and the Saudis beat Poland. Tricolor secures the pass to tie the Falcons. The lead will secure the win.

3. If Mexico beats Argentina and the Poles draw with the Arabs, a tie on the third date will be enough for the Mexican national team to qualify. (The loss will advance only if Argentina beat Poland)

What would happen if Mexico tied with Argentina?

1. If Mexico has relations with Argentina, and Poland has relations with Saudi Arabia. El Tri will need to win the last game to guarantee a pass.

two. In the event of a tie with Argentina and Poland, they prevail over the Saudis. Mexico wins its last match in the next round. If you tie or lose, you’re out.

3. If Mexico tied with Argentina and the Arabs beat the Poles. Mexico beat Arabia in the next round. If you lose, you need Argentina and Poland to tie, and you can qualify with two points! (goal difference).

What would happen if Mexico lost to Argentina?

1. If Mexico loses to Argentina and Poland draws with the Arabs. Mexico will need to win on November 30th and the Europeans will not beat Argentina. Three teams can finish with four points.

two. If Mexico loses to Argentina, and Saudi Arabia defeats Poland; Mexico will need to win against Arabia and Argentina not add three against Poland. The pass will be decided by goal difference.

3. If Mexico loses to Argentina and Poland wins to Saudi Arabia. El Tri would need to beat the Falcons (by a margin of goal) and for Poland to lose to Argentina. It will be decided by the goal difference between the Poles and the Tata Martino team.

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