The Supreme Court attracts the United States

The Supreme Court attracts the United States

The Supreme Court of Justice The Americans put the nation face to face in just a few days. First, on Thursday, June 23, he reiterated the right to bear arms, facilitating legal schemes (such as not justifying the need to live armed); A day later, the abolition of the right to abortion in american union, Valid for 50 years.

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The preliminary shot was given on Tuesday the 21st, when judges decided that religious schools could get public funds. With the three precise shots, . can Cuts He prepares for the summer holidays, leaving heated discussions in the air.

As a sign of division, the streets of many cities have already been filled with protests against the decisions of the Supreme Court, which today consists of a conservative majority thanks to the legacy of Donald Trump, Who was able to appoint three judges in his term (2017-2021).

What follows are clashes on different tracks, disagreements and tensions towards the mid-term elections next November. On Sunday, pro- and anti-abortion lawmakers began waging what is an enduring battle at the state level and in the United States. Congress.

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Abortion advocates mobilized to protest the repeal of a right acquired nearly 50 years ago. A vigil was scheduled for Sunday night in front of the court, near Capitol Building.

In practice, things are changing quickly: eight states have imposed since Friday — with Missouri Up front – banning immediate abortion and a similar number would do the same in a matter of weeks. The largest provider of abortion services in the country, Planned ParenthoodHe sued in Utah to block the ban in that case. Democrat rulers Michigan s Wisconsin They, in turn, intervened to try to keep abortion legal in these two states.

The White House He lamented the decisions of the conservative majority in the Supreme Court “far from the majority that constitutes the citizens of this country.”

In the coming days we will witness debates about the right to life and the right to decide one’s own body, as well as a fight in Congress to restrict the use of weapons, country by country.


“It’s a healthcare crisis: Millions of women will sleep without the medical or reproductive care their mothers and grandmothers have had for 50 years”
Kamala Harris
Vice President of the United States

Companies take a supportive stance

The business sector will play an important role in the coming weeks, after Cuts Determining abortion bans, as some large companies have taken a stand against the controversial decision.

Some US companies have promised to reimburse their employees for the medical costs of abortion, for example, even with the legal risks involved.

The association’s president said the decision “endangers women’s health, deprives them of their rights and threatens to undo the progress we’ve made toward gender equality in the workplace since the 1973 ruling.” yelp, jeremy stopleman.

Other companies have pledged to ensure that their employees, wherever they work, have access to abortion by reimbursing them for travel expenses to a country where the procedure is legal.

howling s airbnbThe move was already taken in September, after a law in Texas went into effect banning all abortions from the moment the fetus’s heartbeat appears on ultrasound. Little by little, others love Citigroup, Tesla, Amazon, Starbucks, Levi Strauss also c. B. Morgan Chase They have changed their employees’ health coverage, since May, when the decision was leaked.

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