The United States faces severe winter weather

The United States faces severe winter weather
Image: RTVE/Storms in the US

Winter storms continue to batter the United States, this time from Los Angeles to Minneapolis.

According to him National Weather Servicesome areas could record another 46cm of snow, winds of 80kph and a heavy sensation.ermic equals minus 40 degrees all day.

At the same time, parts of the Ohio Valley and southern United States may experience high temperatures. Thermometers are expected to reach 31 degrees Celsius in Jacksonville, Florida.

The U.S. Storm Prediction Center noted, “Scattered supercells are expected to fan out northeast of central Mississippi during the afternoon, with a risk of a strong tornado or two, Damaging winds, speeds up to 96-113 km / hand a large, insulated hail up to 1.5 inches in diameter.

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In total, more than six million people are under a tornado watch from southern Mississippi to southern Kentucky.

in Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and New York, Strong winds and freezing rain knocked out power to about 900,000 homes and businesses Thursday morning, according to

caused the storm Cancellation or delay of more than 1,300 flights in the country, according to data from Meanwhile, authorities have warned people that they could face very dangerous conditions if they decide to venture onto the roads.

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