The United States is preparing for the imminent arrival of the worst storm in 30 years

The United States is preparing for the imminent arrival of the worst storm in 30 years

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The storm intensified into a hurricane this weekend.

fucking Henry dangerously near the northeastern coast of United State.

Area residents are bracing for the arrival of the tropical storm-turned-hurricane Saturday, according to the National Hurricane Center’s advisory. it will be The first in 30 years hit in New England.

expected to be TornadoWith winds of 120 km/h and strong storms, it will make landfall in Long Island, New York, or parts of southern New England on Sunday.

Declared parts of New York State Emergency.

Police said a party on Saturday evening in New York City’s Central Park was abruptly halted “due to the approach of bad weather.”

About 60,000 people had to be evicted from the city’s first massive concert after restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Concert Break in New York City

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Thousands of people were evacuated from a concert in New York’s Central Park before the hurricane arrived.

“You have to take it seriously.”

Hurricanes are rare in this part of the US coast.

New England was last flogged 1991 Because of a phenomenon of this kind, when Hurricane Bob killed 17 people.

“We must take this storm seriously; even if it doesn’t make landfall like a hurricane, strong tropical winds, or gale-force storms. It can cause great harmFederal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Dean Cresswell told CNN.

“We will witness power cuts and trees falling, and even after the storm is over, the danger of trees and branches will remain,” he added.

About six million people living near the northeast coast, in parts of Long Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts, have received hurricane warnings.

More than 36 million people across much of southern New England, as well as New York and New Jersey, have received tropical storm warnings.

Evacuation warning signs August 21.

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Several districts are preparing for a possible evacuation.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency in Long Island and New York City, as well as other parts of the state. “Excuse meohmenI know This storm is seriouslyasked the residents.

Massachusetts will close its parks and beaches from Saturday through Monday, Governor Charlie Baker’s office said Friday.

It is estimated that about 300,000 people will be without electricity. Officials urged “all residents to begin preparations for the storm and to pay close attention to the local weather.”

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