“There is no longer any amalgamation of medical societies for the sake of the ego”

“There is no longer any amalgamation of medical societies for the sake of the ego”

The moment Celso Arango (left) and Victor Pérez Sola (right) announced the SEP and SEPB merger in September.

Recently, the Ministry of Health, through its Director General for Training and Career Planning at the Ministry of Health, Vicenz Martinez Ibanez, urged scientific societies to Change your business model And that there is only one Medical regulation only by specialty In order to facilitate joint work. An idea I formed last November private initiative assembled from specialty Psychiatrywhich, according to its leaders, is a An “obvious” example to follow.

Thus the Spanish Society of Psychiatry (SEP) and the Spanish Society of Biological Psychiatry (SEPB) put an end to the coexistence of more than 20 years, which The merger was widely supported by the partners of both organizations. 90 percent of partners said yes. it’s a Common sense that there is only one community. There doesn’t have to be one for every specialist. We are very proud to have done this before Health said it. Victor Perez aloneSEPB Chairman and Future President of the new organization for the second and third quarters of the year.

In the same sense, shown Celso Arango SEP Chairman and current leader during the transition of both Houses to one House under the name Spanish Society of Psychiatry and Mental Health (Sepsm): “Science there is only one. Right now Ego can be more than science It is the moment when many scientific disciplines on the same subject or specialization arise. serious managementThis is much better Authorized vote of ten Small voices and everyone is fighting for themselves.”

One voice facilitates dialogue with management

Arango realizes that within the discipline there are several approaches, aspects or priorities, but believes that they can be dealt with in the same scientific community. “A good example that you can handle different sensitivities is royal college English at the end, if you work from two different places which are parallel and do not interact with each other, see two different societies, nConsensus will not be reached There are no agreements and iterative work. That’s for sure poor in terms of cost-effectiveness,” Psychiatrist details.

The ease of dialogue with the administration that Pérez Sola also highlights: “For professionals and society, it is much easier. The Corporate Consortium It is an essential thing to do. There cannot be 30 associations for each specific issue.”

The method of acting that is already practiced in Europe. On what issue should we deal with the European Union? They always tell us that only one vote. An example is the European Council on the Brain, where we have joined Neuroscience, Psychiatry, Neuroscience, Neurosurgery and Neurophysiology to have the only voice advising the European Commission on brain-related issues,” details the Sepsm Chair, who claims that – Which Ultimate single channel with hubs is a very effective method to deal with management.

What is the main problem in the merger of companies of the same specialty?

The need for unification is something both leaders were clear about, but that did not excuse the process from being difficult. We have combined the two committees. It’s something we’ve been clear about, but it’s hard to do because the professionals who have won their positions in the elections have to give it up. It should be done for the greater good, but It is what limits mergers the most.”Perez Sola explains.

“that there are only two societies that serve the vanity of the one who presides over them”

The difficulty that Arango also highlights, to whom The main stumbling block is vanity. It’s a personal matter, there are no two types of diabetes, neither heart disease nor psychiatry. that only two societies serve the same person who presides over them, and the complicated matter is that they both resign from these positions. The members of these societies will have their reasons, but these are the reasons far from the science and discipline they advocate.”The psychiatrist claims.

Can health affect the integration of scientific societies?

Another issue both leaders saw after the merger was made is that Health’s role in driving the rest of the companies could be more proactive. “I have no doubt that health can do more, there should be Some mandates that will facilitate these mergers. The administration should not allow a dialogue with all of them because in this way it is easier to create more,” Pérez Sola deplores.

A sentiment shared by Arango, who does not see much travel from a legal point of view, but from other avenues. “Health has a way to pay it off. For example, tell the relevant associations that an agreement has been reached because in the specialized committee there can only be one interlocutor. They cannot prevent their formation, but they can facilitate and demonstrate that it is more cost-effective to have only one company.”

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