His mother inspired him to become a hematologist and oncologist and fight cancer


Dr. Pedro Sullivan is a Puerto Rican physician who has excelled in dealing with lung cancer in Puerto Rico.

Dr. Pedro Sullivan, MD, an oncologist hematologist at Axelio Moto Hospital.

Cancer came into his life very early because his mother was suffering from endometrial cancer, and he was prevented from entering to accompany her because of his young age, so he convinced himself to study medicine and specialize in oncology so as not to prevent him from going to this place again.

When I was a kid I told myself I wanted to be an oncologist, because the hospital didn’t allow children under 12 years old to come in. My mother, by the grace of the Lord, is fine, but this thought never left me, and I did not want to be told that I could not enter the cancer zone.”

Another moment marked Dr. Sullivan’s profession That was when one lung cancer patient A young woman and mother of three fought to the end against the disease.

Reza Sullivan’s Greatest It is to hear the bell when the patient is cured.

“The alternatives we had at the time, we all used them, and I think if I had used the latest treatments today, I would tell another story. She inspired us and today there is a foundation in her name to help others. Lung cancer patients“, It is to explain.

Major advances in the fight against lung cancer

For a hematologist and oncologist, science and technology play a very important role. Important in early detection And prevention of cancer, because knowledge enables the patient and alerts him to go to the doctor.

“Now the patient has arrived with their iPad and they have an idea of ​​what could happen to them. There is a difference in just a decade in terms of computers because they have had the opportunity to absorb and be involved in decisions about their treatment. The reality is that it is much better to manage patient care,” he explained.

He added that it is also valuable Multidisciplinary care teams The patient helped many in their recovery process.

“This development should have happened because Management with one specialty It was not enough, always a multidisciplinary contribution to discuss the case, and the patient can contribute. For them it is necessary to learn every day, because this development without the patient and his family, because They are the best point To give him a better and longer life.

Clinical breakthroughs and patient empowerment inspire him to continue his career.

In the past decade, it was lung cancer that got the most benefit from treatments, according to the specialist, who added that before this patient was treated as incurable, and now many lives could be saved.

His studies were done at the Autonomous University of Guadalajara, his Internal Medicine specialization was done at San Lucas Hospital in Ponce, hence his goal to specialize in Lung Cancer at Veterans Hospital, his mentors taught him all about this cancer.

In closing he stated that his patients are the engine that motivates him to work and do his best, “every smile and ring the bell, but also those who should take their last breath and go with their father”.

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