They are designing face masks that can detect COVID-19 in 90 minutes

They are designing face masks that can detect COVID-19 in 90 minutes

Engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University have created a new institute face mask Capable of detecting if a person wearing it has COVID-19 in about 90 minutes.

Through small sensors, called SHERLOCK, mask-wearing users will be able to tell if they have viral particles in their breath.

In addition, it has a small water tank that is released through a button: this is to hydrate certain components of the sensor, which analyzes the air droplets accumulated inside the mask.

How does the mask work?

The sensors show results in an estimated time of 90 minutes by the same person using the mask. Also, it can be activated at any time.

Through a statement, MIT stated that this technology could be implemented in medical worker clothing such as gowns “in order to offer a new method for controlling health worker exposure to various pathogens or other threats.”

Mask sensors can help detect other viral diseases

James Collins, lead author of the application of this technique, stated that the sensors could be implemented to detect other pathogens such as influenza, Zika and Ebola.

“This test is as sensitive as the gold standard, PCR tests, but as fast as the antigen tests used for rapid analysis COVID-19said Peter Nguyen, a scientist at Harvard University.

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