They lift the largest snake in the world with a crane; The video spreads on the networks

They lift the largest snake in the world with a crane;  The video spreads on the networks

a The video quickly spread Because you can see how a snake At least four meters must be lifted with the help of a crane due to its size and weight.

According to this specialist Snake is the largest in the world, and in its kind, and we find in Dominica Island, in the Caribbean, where it impressed people with its large size.

In fact, the snake caught the attention of some workers who were walking inside a local forest all of a sudden They were surprised by the sample.

The authorities indicated that the vertebrates had to be evacuated for the safety of the workers, but due to their size they were moved by crane.

In turn, experts point out that in such a jungle environment it is not surprising to find large animals, but no one would have imagined a snake more than four meters.

The animal turned out to be too wide and long for people to carry, so the crane had to step in to move it.

To date, it is not known what species the discovered specimen belonged to, as well as its weight. But it is assumed that it was more than four meters long.

In social networks, a few users did not ask to release and protect the snake, as it could have been humans who found it when they invaded their habitat. Others expressed great astonishment at its sheer size.

Other users shared their surprise and fear in the circulated video, which garnered thousands of views.

One young woman wrote, “Congratulations, I will have nightmares,” while another asked, “Why are you bothering my survivors?” , in reference to the serpent from the Harry Potter series.

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