So you can sterilize your pets for free in Bogotá

So you can sterilize your pets for free in Bogotá
So you can sterilize your pets for free in Bogotá

All citizens who wish to sterilize their pets for free can do so at the points provided by the Office of the Mayor of Bogotá for people who live in classes 1, 2 and 3 and for those who do not have a home and who are in a street condition.

Citizens only have to present a copy of the ID card and a general receipt of the place where the animal lives, attend with their dogs and cats in good health, fast (8 hours for solid food and 3 hours for liquid) and a minimum of 4 months to a maximum of 8 years.

Steps to make an appointment online:

In the following video, veterinarian Hugo Zurita and UCA Fixed Point Spaying Coordinator at IDPYBA give recommendations on what to do before and after spaying a pet:

If you do not have an internet connection, you can disconnect the shift Caddis and Supercades where is he IDPYBA Present: SuperCade Americas, Manitas, Bosa and Suba or CADEs in La Victoria and Santa Helena You can also call To the institute’s user service line 6477117 or cell numbers 305-3985853 And 305-3668424.

The work hours From phone lines from Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM 5:00 PM The day and hour It will be determined by the system according to the date of the day of sterilization closest to the registered address.

Likewise, you can attend IDPYBA’s administrative headquarters It is located in Carrera 10 No. 26-51. South Tower – Tequendama dwellings and a shift separation from there.

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