Four dead leave a landslide in Ecuador’s snowy Chimborazo region

The avalanche could have affected dozens of people. The nationalities of the victims were not detailed. Photo: AFP

An avalanche (snow displacement) occurred on Sunday at the snow-capped Chimborazo volcano, in the central Andes and highest in Ecuador, sign group of mountain climbers, killing at least four and injuring one, ECU911 Integrated Security Service reported.

“It was confirmed that there were four people and one wounded.”The agency indicated that the avalanche – which has nothing to do with volcanic activity – It would affect dozens of people. The nationalities of the victims were not detailed.

“While climbing Chimborazo snow, an avalanche fell on a group of people 6,100 meters above sea level.”

ECU911 reported.

add that “It is initially known that a group of 12 people were affected” In the snow.

chimborazo Possibly active volcano with permanent snow It is located in 130 km south of Quito, 6,263 metres. It is the highest in Ecuador and one of the most important regions in the world.

Cities at her feet Riobamba and Ambato (Capitals of the provinces of Chimborazo and Tungurahua).

The massif, in which no skiing is practiced, attracts both national and foreign climbers.

Police and military specializing in high-mountain operations, as well as rescuers, traveled to Chimborazo, where authorities set up a unified command center to coordinate rescue operations.

Other accidents

The Ministry of Environment has ordered the temporary closure of the reserve Chimborazo Natural Park, which is regularly visited by tourists.

In 2003, the remains of an aircraft bearing the Ecuadorean flag were found on the slopes of the volcano, which is located in 1976 crash with 59 people on board.

The pack smashed into a great stone wall of Chimborazo and covered its snowdrifts until it was found before. Climbers are about 700 meters from the summit.

The disaster area has been declared a cemetery.

In 2015, some At an altitude of 5,600 meters from the snow-covered mountain, the remains of three climbers, probably foreigners, who had disappeared 20 or 30 years ago.

a Avalanche in a Chimborazo also left ten deaths in 1994, including six French and one Swiss.

The volcano is also the highest in the northern part of the Andes mountain range and consists of three consecutive buildings, According to the Geophysics Institute of Quito.

The latest outbreak occurred between the beginning He added that the fifth century and late seventh century.

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