They seek to promote the participation of women and girls in science – El Sudcaliforniano

They seek to promote the participation of women and girls in science – El Sudcaliforniano

La Paz, Baja California Sur. (OEM-Informex). – Following the presentation of the initiative to amend various articles and additions to the Science and Technology Act of the State of Baja California Sur, today the first reading of the opinion was presented to promote the participation of women and girls in the various branches of science, technology and innovation.

Deputy Armando Martinez Vega, Chairman of the Standing Committee on Science and Technology, which also includes Deputy Guadalupe Vásquez Jacinto, Secretary, and Deputy Rigoberto Maris Aguilar, Secretary; She indicated that she seeks to strengthen institutional mechanisms to promote the dissemination of high-impact scientific work carried out by Southern California women, in order to accelerate their access and participation in a balanced and equal manner and without discrimination between women and men.

The legislator noted that in scientific and technological matters, our Baja California Sur is the eighth most competitive entity in the country, according to the Mexican Institute of Competitiveness (IMCO), with eight research centers at the international level, as well as educational institutions that include knowledge formation in this command.

However, based on the study and analysis conducted by the Governing Committee, it has been emphasized that the legislation of our state in terms of promoting the development of scientific and technological research does not establish the principle of gender parity.

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“Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the principle of gender parity, which includes supporting the promotion, development and strengthening of scientific research, technological development and innovation, with the contribution of the state, which promotes equal opportunities and accessibility between women and men,” he said.

Document of opinion of the initiative with a draft decree, pending its second reading, for later discussion and, where appropriate, approval before the plenary session of the deputies constituting the sixteenth legislature.

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