They think it’s TB that instead he has a condom in his lungs

They think it’s TB that instead he has a condom in his lungs

According to the doctors who have followed the case, he is A. “Unique” in the medical literature. To inform the story National Library of Medicine in one Stady. but how? In short, a 27-year-old woman was taken care of because she thought she had TB, but was eventually found to have swallowed a condom. During the past few months, the woman has been in the hospital with Cough and fever The mucus is thick and lasts for six months. A few weeks before he went to the hospital, he was prescribed antibiotics and treatments for TB, but they did not improve. Then the truth was discovered: the girl swallowed a condom during intercourse, and perhaps out of embarrassment, she said nothing to the doctors.

After a negative result for the tuberculosis test, the woman underwent a chest X-ray and doctors found inflammation in the upper right lobe of her lungs. A similar structure, as prescribed by doctors, to the “inverted bag”. Then the woman was operated on: the body was removed and then analyzed. The woman will likely need more bronchoscopy to remove body parts.

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