They will hold a workshop to promote a regional science strategy

They will hold a workshop to promote a regional science strategy

On Thursday, March 30, the Los Rios Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation (Ctci) Strategy Design Workshop will be held with the aim of socializing, informing and motivating about the importance and characteristics of the process of creating this strategy for the benefit of different regions of the region.

This initiative is funded by the Innovation Fund for Regional Competitiveness (FIC-R) of the Los Rios Regional Government and its Regional Council, administered by the Regional Corporation for Productive Development (Crdp), and implemented by the Universidad Austral de la Chile (UACh), through the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences

The conference will be held from 10 am at the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences of the UACh in a hybrid format and will be attended by about 50 representatives of the scientific, technological, knowledge and innovative sectors.

The program thinks about the participation of government and university authorities, who will participate in the program that will address issues to present and align views with the strategy process, which will conclude with a participatory workshop among the attendees.


The program of talks will begin with the presentation in online format by Dr. Ricard Esparza, Professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​international expert on CTCI strategies and part of the Los Ríos Ctci Strategy Design Team, who will present the topic “CTCI Regional Strategies: Role and Learning”

The second supporter of the academic activity will be Francisco Valencia, Executive Director of Ctci Los Ríos Strategy Design, who will speak on the theme “Alignment of Los Ríos Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation Strategy Design with the National, Regional and Global Regional Strategy”.

After that, a participatory workshop will be held with the audience, which will be moderated by academic Barbara Klett.


The beginning of the design of the formulation of the CTCI Los Ríos strategy was presented at the end of last January and is part of the entry into force of Law No. 21,074 on the Promotion of Regionalization, which provides for several changes related to the competencies, organization and powers of the regional governments.

For this, there is a total budget of $100,000,000, from the Innovation Competitiveness Fund.

This initiative seeks to establish a “road map”, with short, medium and long-term actions, which will define initiatives and investment plans aimed at solving at least 4 knots or gaps.

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