The Faculty of Medicine obtains the international quality accreditation – Commentario

The Faculty of Medicine obtains the international quality accreditation – Commentario

In front of students, teachers, principals, special guests and former principals, it was held in the Lecture Hall at medical school affiliate Colima UniversityDistinguished shield award ceremony international accreditation affiliate academic programme to Surgeon and midwife 2023-2028recognition granted by the Mexican Council for Accreditation of Medical Education, AC (komaim).

in your message, Cristian Jorge Torres Ortiz ZerminoAnd University’s president affiliate UdeCHe said that this is “an important day for young people who have confidence in our institution; accreditation has a very important meaning for their training, because it means that they study in High quality software national and international”.

with this international distinctionHe said , medical school joins Public universities From Mexico, which has such a class: “This achievement gives us the certainty that the work to train students with professional, scientific and human quality has been effective and, at the same time, renews our commitment to Continuous improvement“.

He continued that this “highlights the dedication of the students, college and direction, as the accreditation is to a large extent responsive to the performance shown by all of them in their jobs and responsibilities, as well as to the follow-up undertaken to achieve the objectives. applicable standards“.

He concluded by saying that because of the current context and policies derived from Public law for higher educationWe will have new challenges, but the focus of the work towards quality, equitable and relevant education will be the evidence for maintaining the recognition that this program has received, which has been a standard of prestige and Excellence In the university“.

Emilio Prieto Diaz ChavezAnd exit affiliate medical schoolHe said that this enterprise was one of the first academic programmes in the state to be approved by komaimin February 1997. She added that this accreditation body is mandated by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (Glasses) by virtue of compliance with Quality standards Established.

He stated that careful evaluation during the accreditation process ensures that International quality standards in formation Surgeons and midwives: “This achievement would not have been possible without the effort and dedication of all university employees medical school“, I confess.

Emilio Prieto noted that the owner is “one of the professions additional nobles And the challenge this exit; how the doctors And Masters We are committed to education and Academic growth of our students for the benefit of society in general.”

the international accreditationHe continued, “This gives us a great responsibility and a great challenge: to continue to improve and grow as professionals to provide our students with the best possible support as they prepare.” future professionals. We will continue to work to improve our career, invent In medical education and training, to be at the forefront of the latest medical technology and knowledge, and to continue to be a pioneer in the field of medicine. “

They were present at the event as special guests Goretti DelgadoPresident of the College of Physicians of the State of Colima. Sergio Prietofrom a private clinic; Mauricio JimenezState Coordinator for Human Resources at the Ministry of Health; Gustavo GaetanISSSTE-Colima sub-delegate, and former directors of the Faculty of Medicine: Carlos Salazar SilvaAnd Carlos Enrique Teni PerezAnd Hector Manuel Alvarado BandaAnd Jose Enrique Barrios Navarro And Gabriel spirit brow.

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