“Night of Ideas” arrives in La Plata: science, art and gastronomy | Thursday and Friday for the first time in the city

“Night of Ideas” arrives in La Plata: science, art and gastronomy |  Thursday and Friday for the first time in the city

The capital of Buenos Aires will be the headquarters of the night ideasIt is a cultural event organized by France in more than a hundred countries to discuss contemporary phenomena from the world of thought, arts and science. This is the first time that the city of La Plata hosts the famous event that the European country organizes in more than a hundred countries every year.

The event will last two days, Thursday and Friday, and will have two venues: Curutchet House, the only home in the entire American continent designed by Franco-Swiss architect Le Corbusierand the National College of La Plata.

The inauguration will be on Thursdays from 6:30 pm at the National College, where the Consul General of France in Argentina, Patrick Renard, will meet with the President of UNLP, Martin López-Armingol, and the President of the Ramon Rojo School of Architects. The conference will be initiated by reviewers from national and local institutions from the various participating institutions, which will be held on Thursday 30 and Friday 31. String Quartet of National University of La Plata.

At 7:30 p.m., the first approach to the flag will be presented: Dr. Norma Sanchez She trained at UNLP, trained in France for four Nobel Prizes in Physics and is herself a nominee for the same award several times He will talk about black holes.

At the same time, the urban planner will visit the capital of Buenos Aires for the first time in Casa Corrochet Carlos Moreno, Consultant on urban planning issues to the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, and recognized worldwide for promoting the concept of the “fifteen-minute city”. He will talk about it The right to live in the city Developing the idea of ​​a city of proximity, of value in a pandemic.

He will talk to him Fernando Tauberarchitect, urban planner and current academic vice-rector of the National University of La Plata, who will propose to restore in the 21st century the historical objectives that led to the foundation of La Plata in the nineteenth century: the construction in it of a “city of knowledge”.

On Friday the 31st, the agenda will begin at 7:30 p.m., with the letter JHarla between Mary Audran And Carlos Rios. The conversation aims to reflect on a dialogue about the redistribution of texts and their supporting material from the paperboard publishing practices carried out by La Liebre (Rennes) and La Oficina Perambulante (La Plata). Coordinated activity by the Institute of the Americas and the Writing Department of the Faculty of Arts (UNLP)

At the same time, the film will be shown at the National College as well “Lady Science” About the life of Norma Sanchez, directed by Sandra De Luca. It will be in the presence of the director and the hero for further discussion.

At 8:00 pm there will be a conference for Alexander Djvalgraduated in Psychology from UNLP, Historian of Psychology and Psychoanalysis. “Less is more. The value of what is missing” It will be a talk about modern working time and the progress of capitalism from a psychoanalytic perspective.

Finally, the event concludes the two days with a fun talk at 9:00 pm with the cartoonist and humorist. Miguel Ribiso (delegate).

All activities are free. The capacity of many spaces is limited, so tickets are delivered in order of arrival, according to each space’s protocol.

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