Thursday at Cine Club Durazno will not be another day

Thursday at Cine Club Durazno will not be another day

Confirmed: The documentary “OSIRIS De La Piel Para Adentro” will be shown on Thursday, December 1, at 7:30 pm, in Pequeño Teatro Durazno. Members $250 per month with a transferable card.

The production allows us to discover previously unpublished aspects of Osiris Rodríguez Castillos, a figure of enormous weight on the continent, especially in the Rio de la Plata.

According to the authors’ brief, it is about “a man who sought to leave the work, his creations beyond the author, who with tremendous coherence suggested on all sides that he let a legacy ‘coppella roll’.”

The proposal puts Osiris Rodríguez Castillos under the magnifying glass of the most efficient view to evaluate all the layers that make up the genius of his work and his essence as a human being.

Country: Uruguay

The year: 2022

Duration: 58 minutes

Director: Jorge Estevez Ramos

Libretto: Jorge Estevez Ramos and Oscar Redon Cabrera

Photography: Maria Gamara and Sofia Raba

Sound: Juan Martin Lujambio

Music: Osiris Rodriguez Castillos

PS According to the information distributed by Cine Club Durazno, the exhibition will be complemented by a post-forum and live guitar, with the participation of Sergio Perez playing Osiris. Go to cover

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