Today’s most watched SCIENCE FICTION series worldwide

Today’s most watched SCIENCE FICTION series worldwide


Netflix maintains a wide catalog with many productions, but in the sci-fi genre there are currently series above all.


Streaming services have captured the attention of the public in their homes and Netflix It remains the most popular venue in the past decade. Its catalog, which subscribers have questioned on several occasions, contains many productions of various genres, and one of them is science fiction. In addition to films, there are currently series that are still the audience’s favourites.

This style of software is usually one of the most chosen by users, because there have been great examples recently: dark also Weird things. classic drama like night agent, a top ten title, usually contains other spices not found in the said genre, in addition to being anthology of fictional literary works. In this case, Shadow and bones.

According to the latest website update Flex PatrolAnd The most watched sci-fi series by Netflix viewers right now is the book overlay adaptation Shadow and bones And Six crows by Lee Bardugo. After nearly two years, the show returned with its second season on March 16 and was ranked third in the overall global ranking of shows on the platform.

Shadow and Bone is the most watched sci-fi series on Netflix. (Netflix)

Alena Starkov is on the run. A glimmer of hope to some and a suspect of infidelity to others, the young woman is determined to end the shadow and prevent the destruction of Rafka. But General Kerrigan is back to finish what he started. Leading a terrifying new army of vicious, seemingly indestructible monsters and terrifying mistress recruits, Kerrigan has grown even more dangerous. To stand up to him, Alena and Mal turn to their powerful allies and embark on a journey across the continent in search of two legendary beings capable of enhancing Alina’s powers.Provides synopsis of new episodes.

Shine of the second season: Jessie May Lee, Ben Barnes, Freddie Carter, Amita Soman, Kate Young, Archie Reno, Daniel Galligan, Sujaya Dasgupta, Callahan Skogman, Daisy Head, Jack Wold, Patrick Gibson, Anna Leung Brophy and Louis Tan. It’s been more than two weeks, but the public Netflix Keep choosing Shadow and bones Waiting for your third installment.

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