Tokyo protects itself and protests escalate on the eve of Shinzo Abe’s funeral

Tokyo protects itself and protests escalate on the eve of Shinzo Abe’s funeral

Japan Preparing with a great spread of funeral security condition Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Scheduled to take place this Tuesday, when about 20,000 customers and soldiers will be mobilized, while protests against them continue realization.

About 4,300 people, including about 700 representatives from 217 countries and international organizations, will attend the event, which will be held at the pavilion Tokyo Nippon Budokan.

Among the guests are representatives Legislatures And the country’s judiciary, responsible for local governmentsBusiness leaders and foreign dignitaries.

Notable foreign attendees included the US Vice President, Kamala Harris; European Council President Charles Michel; The Prime Minister of Cuba, Manuel Marrero; Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Or the foreign ministers of Mexico and El Salvador, Marcelo Ebrard s Alexandra Hillamong other things.

Although the perimeter Nippon Budokan It will not be accessible to anyone other than guests or authorized personnel, a flower serving area for the general public will be established in the nearby park Kodanzaka Which will remain open between 10:00 to 16:00 local time.

security measures

Security forces, who for days, along with patrol dogs, have been monitoring metro stations like crowded ones Tokyo or metropolitan area airports before the expected arrival of Celebritiesthe alert level is narrowed in event eve.

The vaults and chests of central stations were closed to prevent attempted attacks, as well as on occasions such as the inauguration of the Emperor Naruto In 2019 or the Quartet leaders meeting in Tokyo last May, the Security Dialogue brings together Japan, the United States, India and Australia.

From today until Wednesday, many highways, roads and streets will be closed so that they can be used exclusively by meeting guests thus ensuring their safety, according to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police.

An hour and a half party

The funeral service will last about an hour and a half, which is almost half of what the funeral lasted condition by Shigeru Yoshida In 1965, it was the first and so far only event of this kind publicly funded for a former prime minister.

The event will begin with a government spokesperson’s speech, Hirokazu MatsunoFollowed by the national anthem and a minute of silence.

Next, a video about My FatherFollowed by various interventions from the country’s executive and judicial departments, including the Prime Minister, Fumio Kishidathe former Prime Minister Yoshihide Sugawho took over from Abe after his resignation in 2020 and has been one of his main political allies.

According to tradition, and despite the exception they made at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, Emperor Naruhito and Masako would not attend Abe’s funeral, but would send representatives, as would Honorary Emperor Akihito and Michiko.

called protests

state funeral for My Father Controversy sparked since the premiership Fumio Kishida He announced plans to hold it.

The demonstrations, with more than 13,000 people gathering, intensified as the date approached, and Monday itself saw a crowd in Tokyo against the event.

Critics of the event, about half of the population, according to local media surveys, reject the declared overhead (about 12 million euros) and the fact of glorifying the polarizing figure of Abe, who is highly regarded internationally but is more divisive. at home.

This same Tuesday there were several demonstrations called before and during the funeral celebrations.

With information from EFE

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