Tricycles and toys are among the 12 most imported Christmas toys | Economy | News

Tricycles and toys are among the 12 most imported Christmas toys |  Economy |  News

China and the United States are the two main countries where more items are purchased for children.

There were twelve litersMost imported games In Ecuador between January and September this year.

the overseas purchases Of these substances are concentrated 85% of the total import toys That as of the ninth month of the year was $42.78 million, according to data from the Quito Chamber of Commerce (CCQ).

These articles, for the most part, have an origin chino. The Asian giant got a percentage share 78% In total overseas game purchases from Ecuador through September 2021.

In historical data, Between 2015 and 2020The most growing imports were Chinese imports with a total amount of $331 million, in CIF values, that is, they include cost, insurance and freight. This made it the main country of origin for Kids Games that are marketed in the country.

Much less than China purchases from United State, which adds up to $19.67 million in the same period. The rest of the countries where Ecuadorean children’s toys come from are Colombia, Spain, Panama, Mexico, Peru, Hong Kong and even Poland.

The gaming sector “arrangement”

that’s it More than a dozen imported games In Ecuador which is marketed for Christmas:

1. tricyclescooters, pedal cars and similar wheeled toys; Cars and wheelchairs for dolls or dolls.

2. dolls Or dolls in small models.

3. mystery.

4. trains Electrical, including rails (rails), signage and accessories.

5. Machines and devices Musicals.

6. Belarus of any kind and its accessories.

7. play cards.

8. Game consoles and game consoles video game.

These are the 10 most popular games brought from the US to Ecuador

9. Games Chess and checkers game.

10. Games cake, even automatic (bowls).

11. Numbers the animals.

12. Games and accessories Weapons and armor. (I)

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