Tropical Storm Larry is expected to be a hurricane on Thursday or Friday

Tropical Storm Larry is expected to be a hurricane on Thursday or Friday

After hectic August in season Atlantic from TornadoesIt was created in the last few hours tropical tormenta “Larry”, It is expected to turn into a hurricane on Thursday or Friday, according to Wednesday’s forecast from the center citizen of Tornadoes (NHC) By United State.

“Larry”, Tropical Storm 12 of 2021 delivers maximum sustained winds of about 75 kph with stronger gusts.

The Miami-based NHC details that more strengthening is expected over the next few days and is expected to become a hurricane late Thursday or Friday. Friday.

The system is located over the eastern Atlantic Ocean, 280 kilometers south of the southern islands of Cape Verde (Africa), and is moving westward at a speed of 31 kilometers per hour.

Forecasters expect a move between west and northwest over the next few days, followed by a shift in the northwest over the weekend.

Tropical storm winds extend up to 95 kilometers from the center.

Tropical cyclone activity in the Atlantic basin during August was higher than normal in terms of the number of major storms, hurricanes, and hurricanes.

Six specific storms formed in the Atlantic Basin this month and ended Tuesday, three of which turned into hurricanes, and two of them turned into major hurricanes.

Grace or grace it was a hurricane Class 3 When it made landfall south of Tuxpan (Mexico) on August 22, Hurricane Ida was a Category 4 hurricane when it made landfall near Port Fortune (Louisiana, USA) last Sunday.

Also, a tropical depression formed on the last day of the month.

According to the NHC, based on 30-year climatology (1991-2020), 3 or 4 named storms typically occur in August, with one or two of them turning into hurricanes.

It’s a file Tornado In August every year or two, he explained.

Accompanying “Larry” today Tropical depressions “Ida”, It moves toward the northeast of the United States leaving rain, and Kate, who is moving across the mid-Atlantic without posing threats on land at the moment.

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