Satellite images show the passage of Hurricane Ida in Louisiana


(CNN) – even a Hurricane Ida It happens in the end, it’s hard to tell what kind of damage was done. Only several days after the storm made landfall, images like the one below, which clearly show the devastation left by the hurricane, can emerge.

Before Ida arrived, it was New Orleans National Weather Service He had said that “this hurricane is expected to cause devastating effects in parts of southeastern Louisiana.”

This is the lesson that leaves the world in the dark in Louisiana 1:46

Here are some of the scars that Ida left in Louisiana. Move the slider to the right to see photos before the storm, and move it to the left to see photos after.

Jane Lafitte

Jane Lafitte

Distrito Laforge

Golden Meadow


Grand Isle

Grand Isle


A National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and NASA satellite also monitored the extent of power outages in eastern Louisiana after Hurricane Ida. Pictures from Tuesday morning, compared to those taken on August 9.

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