Two draft opinions of the Committee on Education, Culture, Science and Technology were approved

Two draft opinions of the Committee on Education, Culture, Science and Technology were approved

MexicoApril 13, 2023. – In a virtual session of Committee on Education, Culture, Science and Technology, chaired by Representative Doña Montserrat Murillo Lopez, Two draft opinions relating to the issue of this collegiate body have been approved by the member deputies.

Likewise, the agenda for this session envisaged approval of the minutes of the informational phase of the Indigenous Peoples’ Consultation on education law reform implemented in Tijuana, Manediro, and San Antonio Nichoa, Ensenada; San Quentin and Rosarito beaches, which was approved unanimously.

Regarding the draft that led to opinion #7 of this Legislative CommitteeWith regard to the initiative to reform the various provisions of the law, a body called Institute of Educational and Educational Services in Baja California, Approved by six votes in favour, zero against and zero abstentions, with observations made on Article 16, by Representative of the state executive, Francisco Velarde.

Its purpose is to strengthen the domestic legal framework, in terms of its structure, organization and operational functioning.and was introduced by Rep. Amintha Bricenoon May 5, 2022, accept this sovereignty.

Subsequently, it was approved by seven votes, zero against, and zero abstentions, the draft which led to Opinion No. 8 of this. The Commission, regarding the initiative to amend two articles of the Public Health Law, and one article of the Education Law, both of which are from the state, Submitted on June 7 of the year prior to that, by Deputy Victor Navarro.

Its goal is to strengthen institutional coordination between the education and health departments of Baja California, so that it is done periodically in schools Where girls, boys and adolescents remain, diagnoses and corrective preventive measures that prevent diseases transmitted by vector agents are carried out, so that they are in conditions of hygiene, safety and space conducive to their healthy development and enhance their abilities and skills.

The following deputies participated in the working session: Montes Murillo, Ramon Vasquez, Rocio Adam, Evelyn Sanchez, Victor Navarro, Rosa Margarita García, and Sergio Moctezuma Martinez, with participation Isis Guevara on behalf of the legislative consulting firm its owner Francisco Tenorioand by Ministry of State Government, Fernando Velarde.

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