Two Mexicans die in the United States after a liquid nitrogen leak

Two Mexicans die in the United States after a liquid nitrogen leak

Two of the six victims counted up to the moment Leak from Liquid nitrogen At a food processing plant in Gainesville, in the Northeast Georgia, United States, of Mexican descent, you mentioned External Relations Secretary.

The Consulate General of Mexico in Atlanta contacted the authorities to identify the citizens Mexicans The affected woman during the incident that was confirmed, according to a statement issued by the Foreign Ministry Wednesday.

After the accident, at least six people were killed, while others are in critical condition.

Gainesville Police said dozens of people have been taken to hospitals, including several firefighters, following the accident Thursday morning at Prime Pak Foods. Chicken processing plant.

The Hole County Department of Emergency Management indicated this would be a Leak from Liquid nitrogen.

The authorities said in a press conference that more than 100 workers at the factory were taken to a nearby church for evaluation and treatment.

According to official reports, five people were killed in the factory and another died in hospital.

Gainesville is known as the “Chicken Capital” due to the numerous farms and factories operating in this area, which mostly employ Latino workers.

Police said they cordoned off the area near the factory, where Lyman Hall Elementary School is located, and ordered students and teachers to stay inside the facility as a precaution.

“This step has been taken as a precaution. The leak has been contained, not in the air,” the school system in Hull said in a Facebook post.


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