Uganda’s largest refugee settlement has begun properly disposing of e-waste

Uganda’s largest refugee settlement has begun properly disposing of e-waste

Local authorities considered IOM’s e-waste project to support communities with alternative energy and facilitate access to repair and recycling services.

Reida Kiden Moses, 21, is one of seven technicians trained by the project partners in light bulb repair, battery testing, and assembly. He works at Batlab, a center that specializes in testing and alternative use of batteries. For Kiden, working there not only provides the opportunity to support her mother and four siblings, but it also keeps her dream of pursuing higher education alive.

“People tell me all the time that this is a man’s job, but I believe that every woman is able to do it because God gave us talent and talent. My dream was to become a nurse, but now I think I will continue the course related to my current job,” says Kidden, who would like Now that you become an electrical engineer.

In close coordination with project partner Solvoz, IOM hopes to improve knowledge transfer and information exchange on the procurement side of the solar e-waste value chain. Related issues such as sustainability standards for electronic products focusing on toxicity, quality and repairability, resource management, corporate responsibility and local production of solar energy products, among others, were discussed in close coordination with humanitarian and private sector actors.

IOM also hopes that the results of this pilot project will serve as inputs to sustainable procurement programs for government, the private sector and the United Nations. El proyecto también podría hacer contribuciones a iniciativas de mayor envergadura como por ejemplo los grupos de trabajo del Plan Mundial de Acción para Soluciones Sostenibles del ambito de la Energía en Situaciones de displazamiento y el Acceso Seguro a combustible y Energy (SAFE) that desarrollan activ idades en everyone.

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