Uncle, the homeless grandfather who eats run over animals and is 67 years old without a shower

An 87-year-old grandfather who lives on the street has confessed to eating run over animals to survive.

Uncle Jaji He also confirms that he is over 67 years old without showering and although he is in very good health.

Little is known about Amo’s past life and he is reluctant to talk about his past, Unless you are retired.

According to this man, he stopped showering several years ago because it brought him misfortune and that cleaning himself would eventually kill him. The Iranian media was the first to report this case, which has already spread all over the world.

What does this old homeless man eat?

According to an interview with local media, Amou lives on animal carcasses, mostly raw porcupine meat.

On the other hand, the water he drinks comes from puddles left by rain.

Photo: Tehran Times

Amo’s hard life, the man who hasn’t showered in 67 years

Although it may not come as a surprise to many, Gage comments that this is a very challenging lifestyle and that it limits making friends or even finding a partner.

Mom lives in one hole in the ground And he has a certain fame among the residents of Dejah, for they built a small hut for him to live in better conditions.

Photo: Tehran Times

According to doctors and health experts, Amo’s condition is very unique and worthy of study.

That is, living for so long without showering can undoubtedly challenge many theories about health that persist today.


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