Update data on the COVID-19 portal of the Ministry of Health

Update data on the COVID-19 portal of the Ministry of Health

The platform will be updated starting tomorrow.

Dr.. Carlos Melado, Secretary of the Department of Health. Photo: Journal of Medicine and Public Health.

“he is Modernization It provides the most accurate information, because it takes into account the situation vaccinationwith a distinction between “unvaccinated”, “without vaccination in day“And with modern vaccinations,” he said Dr. Carlos MeladoAnd the Minister of Health In the press release.

This is a recommendation made by Centers for Disease Control s protection and adopt it Ministry of HealthThis is the reason for updating your portal data (dashboard) to represent the statistics COVID-19 In the departments of vaccination and mortality component in your update daily.

“We continue to promote transparency with accurate data that encourages this Objective and reliable information. It is important to break down the barriers of misinformation. By presenting data with this definition, the data will be aligned with the reality we live in. It is important to keep vaccinations up to date because they can save lives, especially for vulnerable groups.” serrated.

The platform will be updated starting tomorrow. Mortality component, in section Daily update And the vaccination section, it will present the updated data taking into account the current vaccination status.

Thanks Milado Experts from Epidemiology and Surveillance Officewho, in cooperation with the vaccination team, “were able to provide a daily update to the states Vaccination under the new tariffs. “We will continue to work on updating the data to provide the most accurate information,” he added.

The Ministry of Health invites citizens to access the link https://covid19datos.salud.gov.pr to stay updated on COVID-19 data in Islandincluding vaccination, mortality, hospitalization, tests performed, positivity, cases of COVID-19, genetic surveillance, and others.

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