Viral: Disappointed in his family, the man leaves the dog an heir to his property


On social networks, the story of a man from India, who was disappointed in his family, decided to leave his dog as the heir to his property.

According to information from the media New Indian ExpressTired of the constant fighting with his children, Om Narayan Verma, a 50-year-old farmer and 8.5-hectare farm owner in Chindwara, Madhya Pradesh, decided to leave half of his assets to his dog, Jackie and his second wife.

The decision to leave part of his property to his dog was due to the fact that, he said, The animal provided him with more support than his offspring.

“My wife and my dog ​​take care of me. So I am the closest to them. After my death, I want my second wife, Champa, and dog Jackie to inherit all of the property that I own. ”

Not only does the notary include my dog’s name but my wife Champa Bai’s name too. I mentioned my dog’s name to make sure my family members took care of Jackie even after my death. Now the matter is settled. ”

Om Narayan Verma made the changes to his will after a serious family problem. As he explains, the ambitious has blinded his five children, so he does not believe they deserve something else that is worthy of them under the law.


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