Capitol leader announced the seizure in obedience to Trump’s instructions


Washington: Commander of the Paramilitary Division Guards Group, planned and participated with others in eAssault on the Capitol building From United StateBelieves he was obeying the instructions of the then president Donald TrumpAccording to the Ministry of Justice documents published by the local media.

“As the inauguration date approaches, (Jessica) Watkins has indicated that she is awaiting instructions from President Trump,” prosecutors said in a document carried by CNN.

Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) describes Section guards (Guardians Department) as “one of the largest radical anti-government groups in the United States today,” consisting of “tens of thousands of law enforcement officials and military veterans.”

For CNN, this is “the most direct language yet of federal prosecutors linking Trump’s requests for support” to the rebellion, even though at least four other detainees have declared that they are obeying the former president.

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“His concern about acting without his consent was clarified in a text dated November 9, 2020 in which he stated: ‘I am concerned that this is a detailed trap. If Trump asks me to leave then I will. If he does not ask me to, I cannot trust him.

He added that Watkins “received the desired signal at the end of December.”

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And CNN indicated that the Ministry of Justice prosecutors are calling for keeping Watkins, who was arrested several weeks ago, in prison awaiting trial.

The woman is accused of conspiracy and other charges related to the violent attack on the Capitol building, which took place on January 6, while the House of Representatives and Senate were in a joint session to ratify the victory of the current president in the elections last November. Joe Biden.

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The session, chaired by then Vice President Mike Pence, was suddenly boycotted by dozens of Trump supporters in the events that killed five people, including a Capitol policeman, and was a reason for the House of Representatives to activate the impeachment trial. Trump’s trial has reached its third day in the Senate today.

The Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol included a mix of different extremist groups, including the far-right Proud Boys movement and two like-minded militias, Oath Keepers and Three Percenters.


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