Powerful video: A woman stabs a bus driver and tells her to wear face masks, in Argentina

Powerful video: A woman stabs a bus driver and tells her to wear face masks, in Argentina

The woman testified that the driver attempted to attack her, but a security tape showed that her testimony was false.

Warning: strong images

ARGENTINA, February 11 (RT) – The security camera on a bus in Bariloche, in the Argentinian province of Rio Negro, Argentina, Was recorded on February 5 moment Traveling Infected with Cold steel The Driver After he got angry because he asked him to use it face mask, Local media report. At first the woman ignored her and went to the back of the unit, but then started insulting the driver from her seat.

Then the worker asked the man who accompanied the woman to help her calm her down, and then the attacker approached the driver and attacked him with a knife from the back.

The driver sustained injuries to the right rib and in his hands.

The woman got off the bus, and the police arrested her, and she made false statements accusing the driver of attempting to assault her, but the security tape proved otherwise.

It is reported in detail that in March 2020, the woman had already been sentenced to a two-year suspended prison sentence in a trial due to severe injuries and another injury case.

The woman had to undergo psychological treatment for her aggressive behavior and another due to her alcoholism, but so far she has ignored both conditional terms in the sentence.

He is now serving 15 days in remand, pending the results of the experiences.

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