Feb 13th Valentine’s Day !: Everything you need to know

One of the best excuses to celebrate Valentine’s Day is a rush at work. Photo: Getty Images

although February 14th is one of the most famous days13 don’t leave aside, it is Lover’s dayAn unscheduled date, but one celebrated between shadows and secret nuances.

And although it was an open secret, thousands of people occupy that day Celebrate your “casual” partner with details and gifts.

How to overcome the epidemic on this lover’s day?

Although this date is celebrated in many countries, the epidemic may limit the chances of seeing it “The third in the dispute”, But there aren’t many classic excuses to hang out with your boyfriend:

  • An urgent necessity at work
  • Tell your partner that you are going to the mall to buy him / her a gift
  • One of the relatives is in trouble
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But if none of this works, no problem, I know too You can almost celebrate this day With:

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What do we give on February 13th?

As well as this day of love and friendship February 13th can’t miss gifts For “honey” or “honey”, here we offer you some options:

How to avoid being caught when celebrating February 13th?

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If you already have everything ready for this celebration, then you also need to take into account the ways in which it is done Do not discoverThat is why we leave five ideas for you to achieve:

  • Always lock your cell phone
  • Be aware that your body language is usual
  • If you feel you will be caught soon, don’t overdo it with reactions like crying or being uncomfortable
  • Create a different excuse each time you go with your boyfriend so that it doesn’t become a pattern and you can be caught
  • Avoid getting scratched, bitten, or hickey

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