This is how Republican senators reacted to the trial process today


United State- CNN reported that Republican Senator Bill Cassidy answered “not quite” when asked whether he was satisfied with the defense team’s response to his question during the Senate trial to impeach former President Trump.

Cassidy, who joined five other Republicans in the Senate to vote and decide that Trump’s trial is constitutional, was asked about Trump’s attack on Pence on Twitter and whether the president knew his vice was in danger. Cassidy added that she has not yet decided how to vote.

Republican Senator John Thun of South Dakota said he thinks Trump’s legal team was doing better today.

“They performed better on the first day, and the president’s defenders had the opportunity to present arguments and I think they have done very well today. I don’t know, at this point, how many ways of thinking have changed,” Thun’s answer said in response to a question asked by CNN. It doesn’t mean he’s made a decision.

Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine said she did not believe she received a response from Trump’s legal team when she and Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski from Alaska asked Trump’s legal team to describe her when he learned about the riots and the actions they took.

They asked attorneys to be as specific as possible, but Trump’s attorney, Michael van der Vein, only said that Trump posted a tweet at 2:38 p.m. before launching an attack on Democratic House of Representatives for failing to follow due process.

“I don’t feel like I received a response but I’m not sure if it was the lawyers’ fault. One of the problems is that the room did not hold hearings to determine what exactly happened and when, it is difficult to answer a question like this. I hope that one or the other party can do it, because I am I think it’s a very important question about when the president learned that the barricades had been breached. And what he did at the time to stop the riot. Collins told CNN, “I was hoping to have answers for that day.”

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