Watch, minute by minute, the launch of the Artemis I program bound for the moon

Watch, minute by minute, the launch of the Artemis I program bound for the moon

10:22 NASA cancels moon launch

NASA canceled the test flight of the lunar rocket after the appearance of the hydrogen leak, which has not yet been resolved.

NASA reports that the #Artemis I mission to the Moon has been postponed. Teams tried to solve a problem Leaks in the devices that transfer fuel to the missile.

“Join NASA leaders later today for a press conference,” the agency said on Twitter.

Final preparations for NASA’s new lunar rocket earlier on Saturday were delayed by a fuel leak that was discovered just hours before liftoff, which was still ongoing by then.

09:33 NASA announces unsuccessful missile tank repair

NASA announced that after reporting a fuel supply leak on the rocket. Attempts to fix it have so far been unsuccessful. Updates are expected.

09:27 Preparing with cameras watching Artemis at Kennedy

NASA astronaut Jessica Meyer shared the moment the team prepared with the HUGE and
Historic launch cameras.

08:00 NASA plans to take another shot at launch

NASA plans to seize another opportunity to launch its massive rocket. Officials say they are confident they understand the engine cooling problem that arose during Monday’s failed attempt to launch the Artemis I mission.

07:54 Fuel leak disrupts Artemis launch

NASA’s New Moon rocket suffered another dangerous rocket on Saturday fuel filtrationas the launch team began loading it for takeoff on an uncrewed test flight, which must go well before the astronauts can board.

Countdown clocks keep coming and if all goes well, there will be a launch in the afternoon. The Container It envisages a two-hour deadline on Saturday for the missile launch, with a crew capsule without people on top, just three experimental dummies.

For the second time this week, the launch team has almost started loading 3.8 million liters (1 million gallons) of fuel in the 98-meter (322-foot) rocket, the most powerful rocket NASA has ever built. The first countdown, on Monday, was called off due to an engine sensor malfunction and another fuel leak.

As the sun rose, the overpressure alarm went off and the tank filling process was briefly halted, but no damage was done and the process resumed, according to NASA Launch Control. Minutes later, hydrogen fuel began leaking from the jet engine section at the bottom of the rocket. NASA halted the operation, while engineers scrambled to plug what was believed to be an open space around a seal.

The Space Launch System (SLS) rocket will attempt Send the capsule around the moon and back. If successful, it will be the first capsule to fly to the moon since NASA’s Apollo program 50 years ago.

The $4.1 billion test flight is the first for NASA’s Artemis lunar exploration program, named after Apollo’s twin sister in Greek mythology. The ship could carry astronauts on board in 2024 for a tour around the moon and attempt to land in 2025.

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