Wellness measures improve the productivity of the Spaniards

Wellness measures improve the productivity of the Spaniards

Tuesday 2 February 2021 11:44

Gympass, the world’s largest corporate health platform, conducted a survey of how healthy routines affect worker productivity in nine countries. 71% of Spaniards believe their ability to function improves if they incorporate physical and mental exercise into their daily lives.

The survey was conducted with more than 9,000 employees from nine countries: Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, the United States, Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy. 70% of those surveyed believe that a wellness routine is a critical factor that positively affects performance at work.

More and more companies engage with their employees and influence the need to implement corporate wellness programs as part of their business strategy. One of the factors that affect speed and efficiency when performing the work the most physical and mental exercises to enhance motivation and productivity of employees.

Regarding European data, the survey conducted Pass the gym Highlights Spain is the country with the highest percentage of people advocating that their work productivity improves to the extent that they incorporate wellness measures as part of everyday life, at 71%, compared to Italians (59%), English (51%) and Germans ( 47%).

On the other hand, 77% of people surveyed in the nine countries emphasized that it is important for them that their companies take care of their health and make corporate wellness plans available to them.

Germany and the UK top the list of countries in Europe that place greater emphasis on commitment to luxury, at 38%; It is followed by Italy (36%) and Spain (34%). This data shows that while employees feel unmotivated and suffer from severe job burnout, it is important for companies to play a major role.

Some employees also asserted that their companies have not contributed to their well-being since the start of the epidemic, as Italy was the country with the highest proportion of people with this opinion (45%), followed by the United Kingdom (44%), Argentina (42%) and Spain (40%). These are troubling data that show that there is still a long way to go towards the cultural change in companies that has been seen in recent years. Stress, lack of motivation or absenteeism are still factors present and must be combated in some way.

Federico de Vicente, CEO of Gympass Iberia, asserts, “We live in turbulent times where it is more important than ever for companies to provide their employees with the tools to improve their well-being at work. It is imperative that companies invest in measures aimed at well-being, and for them. At Gympass, we reinforce our commitment and extend our support through our health services to all those companies who wish to have a corporate wellness program. ”

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