A woman spreads quickly to exercise during the coup in Burma (video)


Called a woman Khing Hanin Wai It spread on social media after it was discovered Video On the streets Burma It is practiced during the ongoing coup in that country where the presence of the army is overwhelming.

And that is, in the video, the woman is estimated to be doing aerobic exercise, which has been shared thousands of times since then registered at Before the siege of Bremania’s army Developed after the coup by decree.

Actually, according to your account The social networking site FacebookHanin Wai is a physical education teacher working for the Ministry of Education in Bremmania, so her enrollment has spread widely.

In addition, the Burmese military on Monday declared a state of emergency and took control of the political country for a year after the arrest of several government members.

To date, the presidency is held by Vice President Myint Sui, who has been appointed to the position by the military thanks to the powers assigned to them under the current constitution; While he was the army chief Main Aung HealingMRTV said it would control the authorities.

Likewise, this coup happened after the arrest of the executive branch, among them the de facto leader, the state counselor and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Aung San Suu Kyi, the President to date, Win Myint, as well as other politicians and activists.

Faced with the situation, the United States has already spoken since a White House spokeswoman spoke, Jane PsakiHe made clear that his country opposes any attempt to undermine democracy in Burma, and accordingly assured that measures would be taken against officials if these measures were not reversed.

“We urge the army and all parties to adhere to democratic standards and the rule of law, and to release the detainees today,” the president’s spokeswoman added. Joe Biden.

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